Are you confused by all the contradicting information
                        posted on the web about Roof cleaning?

Do NOT Pressure Wash or brush the shingles on your roof to remove the algae and growth.
 It will remove the roofing shingle aggregates (granules) and will shorten the life of your roof. Proper growth termination can only occur when the temperature is above 50 degree's. Algae, Lichen, Fungus and Mold must be completely out of its dormancy period. NEVER try to clean any growth until its in bloom, or it will NOT die!

If you notice all the companies that tell you not to use a bleach product or a Sodium Hypochlorite Solution usually have their own Inferior product that they use and sell to other companies in order to grow their business. The reason why I say Inferior is because the more product they sell the more money they make, so they don't want their product to do a long lasting cleaning. The shorter your Roof cleaning lasts the more product they sell.

Here's the key thing to it all ​
Follow the Manufacture recommendations of the product you are attempting to clean!

Are you thinking of hiring a Handyman type person to clean your roof?
chances are if they offer home improvements such as painting, carpentry and small renovations Etc.
they must not be that good at what they do, if they have to offer roof cleaning too.
They are just a Jack of all trades, Master of NONE!

 ALL-PRO inc. Is a Master at ROOF Cleaning 
We Cleans Roofs, That's what we do! That's All We Do!  

Smart people have their Roof cleaned...
Educated people have their Roof cleaned by

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